Powidz Lake is a glacial, vendace-type lake, the area of which is 1,100 ha, and is one of the largest and cleanliest lakes in Poland. Powidz Lake is in the county of Słupca, on the Gniezno Lakeland. In the described district and on the lake, there are no fish farming areas. Powidz Lake has one effluent in the Giewartów village on the Meszna River and four tributaries from Small Powidz Lake (the Hutka village), the Anastazewo village, from Kosewo Lake and from bogs in the Powidz locality. Powidz Lake is the part of the Meszna – Warta – Odra river basin. The shape of the lake allows distinguishing two basic parts: the main basin stretching from the north to the south and the bay on the north-east hereinafter referred to as the Anastazewo Bay, which entirely included in the SPECIAL FISHING GROUND. The southern part of the lake and the bay are deep, with a steep bed slope. Only the southern edge gets shallower, creating broad shoals. The northern part of the lake has an even bed with large shallows and depths. The surface of the islands on the lake: 1.60 ha